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Mar 9, 2013 4:00am EST
in california, please. denise. >> caller: boo-yah. is this that sexy jim with a smoking hot body? >> no, no. this is a different jim. he's taken over that guy. >> caller: i have a question about petsmart. it's gone down since i bought it. and i know they offered poor guidance for the year. and also ross stores have gone down, too. should i buy more of each one? >> what did you start -- when you started you were talking about -- oh, never mind. you were discussing me. just trying to get the physique thing down. petsmart i actually think was an overreaction. i think it went down too much. ross stores was an overreaction. i think that went down too much. these stocks are now in the penalty box. we actually can't touch them until we see the next quarter. that may be a long time to wait, but i fear that people think like bed, bath & beyond that there's no coming back from these quarters. we've got to wait. patience. victor in ohio. victor? >> caller: yes, sir. jimmy, this is victor in columbus, ohio. great big urban meyer. >> man, i like urban meyer. what a powerhouse. and you know what? can we
Mar 6, 2013 6:00pm EST
anywhere. "mad money" with jim cramer starts right now. >>> i'm jim cramer. and welcome to my world. . you need to get in the game. go out of business and he's nuts they're nuts! they know nothing! i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere -- "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate you so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. sure, the market's high, duh. we can stipulate that today with the dow gaining 42 points, s&p rising, nasdaq back slid .05%. we have broken through to dramatically higher levels. no denying it. i can poke holes galore in the bull case. make the bull into swiss cheese. think of it. think of the moving violations here. first, this rallies happened way too fast. almost in a straight line. the radar gun shows conclusively they went in less than five months. that's go daddy speed without the shades. second, we have run a whole series of red lights. we ran through the red light of h
Mar 5, 2013 11:00pm EST
job this week. >> not a bad week. i'm kind of good with it. >> monday we start over again. > i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm trying to make you money. i need to educate you and teach you. so call 1-800-743-cnbc. sometimes when we get these big levels, there's nothing worse than sometimes when we get to these big levels, a steep low, an all time high like the dow jones did today. i actually come out here and i'm searching for the right tone. the right things to say, i know these milestones bring in new viewers. longtime viewers wonder if this is the chance to get in or get out. when i have to search, come up with the tone, feel right about it, you know what i do, i fall back on what the late mark haines would do. why mark? he was a show me kind of guy who de
Mar 8, 2013 11:00pm EST
with you. that's how ameriprise puts more within reach. ♪ >>> i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game! >> firms are going to go out of business, and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere -- >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >>> hey, i'm cramer! welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. some people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain, but i'm coaching and i'm teaching, so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. now -- now we've figured it out. now we know why we've been climbing. that's how you have to view this labor department hiring number that came out this morning. this is terrific. stunningly good 236,000 jobs that were created last month. it's one of the best numbers in years. okay, now, look. you say well, wait a second, the market didn't roar. the dow gained 68 points. but we've been rallying for weeks on end, including five straight days. taking out the all-time high. i think that's because the market anticipated this newfou
Mar 3, 2013 9:30am PST
, jim niko, the chairman of the western south of market co-s task force will give the key takeaways of the plan itself. i will turn it over to jim niko. >> thank you very much. supervisors, jim niko, and i have served as chair of this planning process for more than eight years now. please, pass this plan, so we can get on with our lives. the western soma process of course was not without controversy. it began when he were still part of the eastern neighborhoods process which was a one size fits all, very ambitious process that set about to rezone more than a fourth of the entire city. south of market even though was unique in that we had already been rezoned in 1990. and became the first mixed-use area in the city. so we had a nish of years to work through the notion of mixed-use and i think we understand it bert than anybody. when the eastern neighborhoods process seemed to ignore our concerns. and we promised them we would engage in a much more thorough, more comprehensive process and i think we have done that. what we have developed was a true. mirror thanks go out to paul lord,
Mar 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
much you could save. >>> i'm jim cramer, and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game! >> firms are going to go out of business, and he's nuts! they're nuts! they know nothing! >> i always like to say, there's a bull market somewhere -- >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to save you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to teach and educate, so call me. so we go over the sequestration cliff and what happened? so far, not only did the averages not get crushed but they actually went higher. dow gaining 35 points. s&p rising .23% and nasdaq increasing .30%. how can the market keep rising when there's so many things going against us? consumers are getting squeezed. higher gas prices. end of the payroll tax holiday. now we have to cope with the allegedly draconian government spending cuts. not so fast. according to the michigan survey, consumer confidence surged. maybe they aren't watching tv. maybe they aren't looking at their own di
FOX News
Mar 2, 2013 11:30am PST
miller, syndicated columnist cal thomas, jim pinkerton contributing editor the american conservative magazine, and ellen ratner, bureau chief of talk radio news service, i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. president obama on friday, a surprise appearance in front of the white house press corps, after his meeting with congressional leaders over the sequestration. it ended a week of more doom and gloom forecasts. mr. obama claims will be a result of the automatic spending cuts, the theme parroted by the press, members of congress and members of the president's cabinet. >> well, some of this stuff happens earlier, some happens this fall and what it does, it creates tremendous instability and there are literally teachers now who are getting pink slips, notices that can't come back this fall. >> jon: well, that statement was totally wrong. in fact, "the washington post" gave the education secretary four pinochios for the phony claim. jim, the media has been pushing the doom and gloom theme all week. we heard about, let's see, obamageddon and barack-alypse. and friday came and w
Mar 4, 2013 11:00am PST
's bring in aviation expert jim nillman. we believe about eight people on the leer jet. the latest information i received, still about 40 miles away from the airport and the pilot still trying to quote troublesho troubleshoot. what does that mean, jim? >> well, may try to exercise the gear and see if it will center on its own. that landing gear as it is retracted in to the fuselage is supposed to center. it has a mechanism to make sure it's centered at the time it's stowed. if possible, obviously, that's what they would love to be able to do is get it in to the belly and then bring it back out again. it may not even get in the belly right now. it depends on what malfunctioning took place. so he's going to do what he can and that's -- his options are fairly limited and of course he can't see that gear from the cockpit. >> wow. tom, let's bring you back in. we saw some emergency vehicles there, fire trucks, ambulances, all crews on the scene there. does this, tom, boil down to the pilot's expertise here? >> oh, absolutely. i mean, and this is where a pilot's skill is put to the test
Mar 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
jim cramer starts right now. >>> jim cramer and welcome to my world. you need to get in the game. >> going out of business and he's nuts, they're nuts! they know nothing! i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money," welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i'm just trying to make you a little money. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate and teach you what to do in this wild and positive market. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. does warren buffett have to come to your house, serenade you with a ukulele, in order for you to get into this stock market? is that what has to happen to move this market to all-time highs? something it failed to do again today but came close. nasdaq advanced .39%. perhaps without you. think about it, here's the world's greatest investor telling yo uh how stocks make so much sense here, certainly more than government bonds, yet can barely be heard and, of course, the sequester. no matter, buffett tells you not to focus on those things 678. but
Mar 2, 2013 10:30am EST
alexander, the author of booktv's first online book club selection, "the new jim crow," recently spoke about her book at the university of tennessee. here's a look at that event. [applause] >> well, thank you. thank you so much for this warm welcome. it feels wonderful to be here. i am thrilled to see so many people eager to join if dialogue dialogue -- [audio difficulty] >> and it seems fitting that we would have this conversation the day after our nation's first black president was sworn in for his second term. now, i know much of the nation has already moved on, and president obama's soaring rhetoric about the promise of america -- life, liberty, justice, equality for all -- has already been forgotten by many, and i know that many, many people in america will not think of dr. king again until his holiday rolls around again next year. but i'd like for us to pause tonight and think more deeply about the meaning of dr. king's life and his legacy and what it has to teach us about our nation's present. seems marley important for us -- seems particularly important fur us to do that given this y
FOX News
Mar 9, 2013 7:00am PST
. the bulls and bears this week, gary b smith, tobin smith, jonas max ferris, along with jim la camp and stephen. welcome to everybody. jonas, is wall street soaring because d.c. is cutting? >> no question about it because this year is the year we're getting out of stimulus, the year we're tightening the budget and taxes, everybody knows we were going to cut spending with the the program and businesses know it and we saw the unemployment report they're hiring people so they're not scared that this is going to cause the next recession. that was the fear lingering in the market, the last year, when the government backs out it's going to come to an end, recession, and people on the show for years. it hasn't happened, and not happening and so the government can back out, slowly, but surely and let things go the way they go. >> brenda: okay, today is the four-year anniversary of this bull market and we sure haven't been cutting until now. >> yeah, but, i mean, given the sequester cuts, the credit for the bull market, i mean, that's a little like giving -- a mom goes through pregnancy and
Mar 2, 2013 6:00pm PST
be a significant blow to al qaedad be which has been working hard toqaed control large parts of northar africa. jim. north >> axelrod: kelly, thank you. in seffner, florida temporary trying to figure out if athank sinkhole which swallowed an trying entire room of a house poses a threat to the rest of the neighborhood. one man died when the sinkhole consumed his bedroom thursday night with him still in it. and ashley porter from our affiliate reports that sinkhole is growing >> reporter: neighbors hauled away boxes as crews surveyed this small blue home in suburban tampa. county administrator mike ad merrill said the rescue was no longer possible. >> with all the equipment we lo brought in and specialized help,elp, we just have not been able to n locate mr. bush. and so for that reason, the rescue effort is being discontinued. >> the bedroom floor just bedro collapsed and my brother-in-law is in there. he's underneath the house. t >> reporter: frantic family members called 911 thursday night. a sinkhole had opened up directly under a man's bed. >> they rushed in. under all they could see
Mar 4, 2013 6:00am PST
, actress jacki, the third member of our truffle. hot brie. she, jim, is sleeping at my house. >> oh, really? >> do tell. >> stephanie: i know you picture naked pillow fights and all. guess what we did. we watched the replay of "meet the press" and talked [ bleep ] about david gregory. that's what we did. >> you're a little too scandalous today. that's what political geeks do. that was our naughty slumber party. >> she had just flown in from d.c. if i'm not mistaken. >> she's moving to my hood! >> i've lost her to you. you have greater negotiating skills than i do. she moved out of my neighborhood and into yours. >> stephanie: you lost the turf war. >> seriously. >> stephanie: we'll talk about "meet the press." it is just a chiron. are both sides equally to blame for the sequester? [ screaming ] >> it is enough to make your head explode. >> stephanie: here she is, jacki schechner, fair and balanced in the current news center. >> president obama will make a few personnel announcements. he's expected to name myth scientist to head up the department of energy and gina mccarthy as the new head o
Mar 6, 2013 6:00am PST
.com. you can e-mail us all there chris lavoie, voice deity jim ward, or me, stephanie miller. we have lots to get to. let's see. jim writes guys the other day you were talking about a listener who was high while listening to the show. jim made the comment. i listen to you from tunisia. we could move to tunisia and do afternoon drive and not have to -- >> go to bed at stupid o'clock. >> that's a bit of a commute. >> i think you would have to wear a burka. >> stephanie: little afternoon drive. i'm back. [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] looky here. stephanie miller journalistic oversight. first of all, it is hard when nobody uses journalism normally in the same sentence as stephanie miller. i guess this would be a complaint letter. chris in chicago writes dear ms. miller, i'm a small businessman who stumbled upon your show in 2004, 2005. i'm hooked. i won't mention about miller and howell on wckg. now we're going back. good morning everybody. when was that? i'm too old to remember. >> in the '80s. late '80s. >> stephanie: that hair. the original nose. i left my nose in chicago. >> i left nigh -- i left
Mar 3, 2013 11:00am PST
on hayes, church street and market street. we have reviewed our proposed changes with jim nicko, toby levy and planning staff corey teague and none of them have any objections to what we're proposing. so we hope you include them as an amendment to the plan. lastly, i would like to introduce dennis flaherty, the owner of 520 townsend. >> thank you. we are introducing -- we're going modify the restriction on the lot merger today. >> terrific. thank you very much. >> i'm dennis flaherty and i have owned the property for over 35 years. i occupied it many years running my own business and my son presently has an office there. in getting your amendment, we realize that we have talked to a neighbor who has a 50' parcel. ours is 138. we would like to merge those, and provide a -- the ability to introduce an office building that would probably project to high-tech usage. inasmuch as we would be limited in what we're planning. we're asking this change, which i feel would benefit the neighborhood, because we would be giving up a substantial amount to provide the thoroughfare through to harrie
Mar 4, 2013 11:00pm EST
. at we put the law on your side. . >>> i'm jim cramer. welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> he's nuts! they are nuts! . they know nothing. >> i always like to say there's a bull market somewhere. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to kram america. my job is not just to entertain you but to educate and teach you what to do in this wild and positive market. call me. 1-800-743-cnbc. bus warren buffett have to come to your house and lay out the game plan of stocks to buy in order for you to get into this stock market? is that what has to happen to move this market to all-time highs? something it failed to do today? s&p climbed and nasdaq advanced. perhaps without you? think about it. here's the world's greatest investor, certainly more than government bonds and can be barely heard about chinese real estate and of course the sequester. no matter. buffett tells you not to focus on those things but the businesses themselves. like we say all the time, he doesn't want to sidetrack, off track, looking at the fu
Mar 5, 2013 7:00pm EST
high. but will we stay there? >> with the top investing minds. jim paulson and guys good evening to both of you. you sent me a note saying this is not a sugar high. do you feel the same way? >> i do. the fed has helped this market. i think there has been a lot of improvement as well. it is not that we solved our problems and growth isn't fast enough to please anyone. think where we are four years ago and where we are today in the economy. we are creating jobs, but we are creating them and we are bringing the unemployment rate down. the bank loans are rising and there are things going on that has caused this market to climb back to full recovery. >> at the end of the day, you are not seeing the kind of revenue growth that you would want to see in the recovery. is that going to be a wrench in the ointment. >> i think revenue and bottom line growth since the lows in 2009 have been extraordinary. i think that is to be expected where we are in this face. but i think barring a recession which i don't think is in the cards ip t s in the near term cl off here. i think they can trend down
Mar 7, 2013 6:00am EST
or could as far as the turchs are concerned. into record territory. joining us is jim o'shaughnessy of o'shaughnessy asset management. when we get into periods like this, you can almost watch it happen, jim, where people say it has to put back, it has to put back and we published a again yagz yam buying opportunity. basically what we looked at was crickets. why would anyone be buying the market here? we were basing it all on basically quantitative relationship peps the market in february 2009 had compounded it under 4% per year for the previous four years the and that hadn't happened since the early 1940s. >> the 12-year is 1.5% or something. >> yeah. and it's 1.5% if you're not stripping inflation. if you're stripping inflation, you're losing money. >> so it's all about over the years regression to a mean and it's 82 to 2000 period. >> yeah. we actually looked at that. everyone says 7% after inflation or 10% before. the fact is, it really depends on where you start. so if you start in march of 2000, when you've got 13.85%, all of the data says you're going to spend the next 20 years goi
Mar 6, 2013 11:35pm PST
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Mar 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
] find out what a hospital stay could really cost you at >>> i'm jim cramer and welcome to my world. >> you need to get in the game. >> firms are going to go out of business and he's nuts, they're nuts! they know nothing. >> "mad money," you can't afford to miss it. >> hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i just want to help you make money. my job is not just to entertain you but i'm trying to teach and coach you. so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. we call them the generals. they are the stocks that lead us into battle every day, they give us the conviction where the averages are trendless, to stand our ground or to charge the enemy without any fear at all. oh, these generals don't live in some chateau far from the front, ala cramer fave paths of glory, they go over the top, braving the bears' machine gun fire, the barbed wire, artillery shelling, strafing even from above. and who are these generals? how do we find them? pretty simple. we got a list of them every day. it's called the new high list and it's for all to see.
FOX News
Mar 9, 2013 11:30am PST
was. >> judy miller, editor of the national review, rich lawrie. jim pinkerton contributing editor the american conservative magazine and daily beast columnist kirsten powers. i'm jon scott. fox news watch is on right now. now. >> these cuts are not smart, they'll hurt our economy and cost us jobs. and congress can turn them off at any time, as soon as both sides are willing to compromise. it's unnecessary. and in a time when too many of ours friends and neighbors are still looking for work, it's inexcusable. hundreds of thousands of americans who serve their country, border patrol agents, fbi agents, civilians who work for the defense department, will see their wages cut and their hours reduced. >> jon: remember that? the president pushing the doom and gloom scenario over the sequester and as we have discussed on this program, the media pretty much parroted the white house hype. the hysteria never came, the planes and trains running, and lights are on. sewage is not flowing on the streets as far as we are aware, but the media seem to have changed their tune. the washington times,
Mar 5, 2013 4:00am PST
going to do? let's talk to jim cahn, he is the chief investment officer at wealth enhancement group. jim we also have this roaring stock market where price-to-earning ratios are looking pretty good. how do you deal with all this as an investor? > > that is a mouthful. there a lot of headlines out there right now, so investors are pretty confused. and our answer is, anyone who tells you they think they have the answer probably doesn't. so the right answer is to say "we really don't know, exactly, what is going to happen in the future." > but we have to position ourselves for something, so there is a lot of fear associated with, for example, sequestration right now. we are into the first full week of that. > > right. sequestration is a perfect example. the government has cried wolf a few too many times, and neither individual investors nor wall street believe that the government has the guts to really throw us back into a recession that would shed jobs and cause a lot of hardship for the u.s. population. so we keep thinking, they are going to kick the can down the road once again. and they
Mar 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
have exclusive access to this place. let's see what jim found. >> deep in the rain forests of panama in a secret location behind pad locked gates barb wire fences and a rickety bridge. shades of jurassic park, this is a real life fresh water farm altering the genes not of dinosaurs but growing a new dna altered saltwater fish. the salmon that could be the first genetically altered protein approved for the world to eat landmark change for human. they're called franken fish. >> michael: yes, they want to harvest these eggs, ship them from all over the world keeps this business under lock and key. it's the most secure compound in panama to hide this. let's listen to more with jim who is there looking at the fish, and you can see the difference in the size. >> the big difference is visual. the small fish in the right hand is a natural size one-year-old atlantic salmon. the second most popular seafood in america. and it's big brother in the other hand is the same age but three times larger. >> made different by a single gene. >> but it makes it grow much faster than a normal atlantic salm
Mar 8, 2013 7:00am PST
england. jim axelrod is in scituate massachusetts, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it is nasty out here this morning. i tell you what, though, it is not the snow that's not what the word is about here. it's the wind and the high tide that's been here just about an hour from now that has everybody in scituate and along the new england coast worried just how bad the flooding could be. as powerful wind and waves hammered the massachusetts coastline overnight, residents were nervous. >> i just don't want to feel the house shaking. i didn't sleep good last night. >> reporter: they're bracing for a tidal surge as the late winter storm pounds the region for a second straight day. in the town of scituate, high winds sent waters spilling into neighborhoods thursday. officials had to close several roads. further inland parts of massachusetts could see more than a foot of snow combine that with high winds and driving can be dangerous at best. >> it's hard to hold onto the wheel and it just changes directions all of a sudden the wind will change another direction and b
Mar 9, 2013 6:30am PST
surrender on the forced budget cuts. jim accosta is at the white house. jim, good morning. >> reporter: brianna and victor, after positive jobs numbers came out, white house officials certainly have a spring in their step but they are well aware there are plenty of obstacles that still exist that could trip up this recovery. after the latest jobs report found the nation's unemployment rate had dipped to levels not seen since before president obama took office, the white house wanted to know one thing. where were all of the questions about the good news? >> i suspect the jobs numbers have been different it would have taken less than four people to ask me about them. that's the nature of our work i think here. >> reporter: the obama administration warns don't get too excited. the report does not account for automatic budget cuts that just took effect. >> democrats and republicans agree the sequester is going to have a negative impact on job creation. >> reporter: which makes president obama's latest outreach to republicans all the more important. a charm offensive that just so happened t
Mar 5, 2013 1:00pm EST
'll bring in mad money's jim cramer on this historic day. i'm happy the market is at an all-time high but i'm also scared. my experience tells me every time i've thought, here we go, it's safe now, all clear, it's turned out not so we will for me over the past decade and a half. >> hu not said that, i think you would have heard from me not what you said. i want to celebrate not the average. that's been exactly what we know has been wrong to do, all 10,000 cap, 11,000. celebrate people who got this far, stayed with us. i think part of the reason we're so strong here, ty, so many pros have been fighting it. so many pros say you can't touch sequestration. you can't touch it, bernanke will take the punch bowl away. the average joe doesn't know what punch bowl is except something on saturday. >> every time i hear it. what should i do, i'm in for the long haul. is it time to put more money in? how do i play this? >> i'm listening to judge wapner, kors, 66 and much, much lower. i hear other people give me names that make so much sense. i've got three if you don't mind i'd like to give you. >> let'
FOX News
Mar 5, 2013 12:00am PST
recipe. >> jim, i worry for you especially where this might go. >> animals are irritating. what are you going to learn from a turtle. i am on a rock. i heard you. how about we find a way to find a way to quit on twitter. >> it is not like you need a species to harass you. you don't want it from cats and dogs. kennedy, is this actually realistic? people are hard enough as it is. you can't get animals to learn how to do it. >> i think it says a lot about peter gabriel. they used to be called pygme chimps. >> they are the most sexual creatures on the planet. they have sex 90 times an hour. if it is not with themselves it is pleasuring others. peter gabriel taped into their crazy sex funk world and i think that says a lot about him. he is developing a new study in animal research called bestiality. >> you are terrible. >> what? >> i don't know if that is true. i will just say that. i would love to discuss politics with a slow loris. i fear the slow loris will not discuss politics with me. there is one right there. i am dying to find out what that guy is thinking. that's the greatest. >> bil
Mar 4, 2013 5:00pm PST
this happens. >> i won't, but i'm not going to declare it today either, matt. >> jim moore and jonathan alter will tell us if america could get fooled for the third time. >>> in his first post election interview, mitt romney shares his regrets. >> it was very harmful. what i said is not what i believe. >> katrina vanden heuvel of the nation on why the romneys can't lose gracefully. >>> corporate profits soar through the roof as the american worker struggles. tonight i'll break down the numbers and make the case for higher wages. >>> speaker john boehner flat-out lies about the sequester. >> there is no plan for democrats or the white house to replace the sequester. >> the congressional panel will weigh in on the speaker's latest whopper. >>> and dennis rodman visits the rogue state of north korea and brings home a message for the president. >> he want obama to do one thing, call him. >> plus, rodman has a new best friend. >> he is a great guy. he is a great guy. if you sit down and talk to him. >> we'll bring you all the details from rodman's wild trip. >> good to have you with us tonight, fo
Mar 4, 2013 9:00am EST
lee, jim cramer and david faber at the new york stock exchange. ism services tomorrow. nonfarm payroll on friday. got some selling in europe. general softness. some of that fed by shanghai overnight down 3.7%. the worst session in the year and a half as the chinese government announces new restrictions in taxes to clamp down on real estate prices over there. in asia, the hang sang, look at the nikkei, pretty nice day. >>> road map for this monday morning starts off with warren buffett. three hours of conversation with our own becky quick. the oracle weighs in on stocks. sequester, housing, and what apple should do with the cash. >>> more signals of slowing growth. two big stories in the newspapers about how companies aren't adding jobs, and the rich are the only consumers spending money. >>> barclays saying markets underestimating the value of the stakes in alibaba and japan. the company says it will no longer support the blackberry 10. is that product in trouble. >>> samsung releases a teaser video for the galaxy s-4, or as cramer calls it, the galaxy. 52-week lows on friday. >>> we'l
Mar 8, 2013 9:00am EST
on the street." i'm carl quintanilla with jim cramer and david faber. melissa is off. futures looking at a sharply higher open. we'll see if we get past s&p's record closing high of 1565. take a quick look at europe as well. and overnight in asia. our road map begins with the best jobless rate in four years. the best jump in construction, hiring in six years. what's behind the number? can it last and is the fed now behind the curve? >> look at me. all right. mcdonald's same-store sales, decent february, despite the worries about chicken? china. >>> big day for the banks. everybody but ally passes the stress test. which ones are most likely to deploy capital to shareholders? >>> pandora is up 26% on better than expected fourth-quarter earnings. impressive mobile growth. joe kennedy is leaving. he's going to run the world's biggest personalized radio service. >>> we we gin with a much stronger than expected job numbers. well above forecasts of 160,000. the unemployment rate fell by .2% to 7.7%, the lowest since december of '08. the dow is poised to set another all-time high. that would
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Mar 6, 2013 11:30pm PST
, and mayor bloomberg, that i can eat a single tostito scoop. [cheers and applause] jim, snack music please. ♪ ♪ you are the best ♪ you know what, i'm in such control here, i will choose to have one more scoop. [laughter] they are scoops. i'll have it with some dip. hit it, jimmy. ♪ you are the best ♪ [cheers and applause][cheers an] >> stephen: welcome back, everybody. my guest tonight is an artist who does impressionis. for wal-mart shoppers. his painteddings cost $6.99 for a pack of six. please welcome brendan o'connell. [cheers and applause] mr. o'connell thank you for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> stephen: you are an american painter traditionally trained. >> more or less. >> stephen: more or less. let's say more. all right. [ laughter ] you capture themes of every day life and you've chosen to paint scenes from wal-mart. >> i started painting wal-marts eight years ago. >> stephen: did they know? >> well -- >> stephen: let show the people what i mean. jim, put up one of these. it's hard to explain. >> okay. >> stephen: that's one of your paintings? what inspired y
Mar 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
on "jimmy kimmle live." >> we have music from luke bryant and jim jeffreys is here and jessica simpson is pregnant again and she will accidentally tell us the sex of the baby she is hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! ♪ wow. [ buzz ] delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? bee happy. bee healthy. with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, anticipation oakland's new police consultant made an appearance in the city. the police chief suggested lowering crime rates there and in new york and planing to do the same in oakland. john alston is live at police headquarters with the story for us. john? >> reporter: he has been in town for three days. he has been meeting with officials including governor brown and mayor quan. he is the man for the job and so now oakland's problems are his problems. >> the former head of police departments in l.a. and new york promised residents they wou
Mar 3, 2013 10:30am PST
that a was also one of the people that jim niko invited to join his task force and for many years i sat through the meetings with my neighbors coming up with a plan that spoke to everyone. i found my voice was not listening to and the issues i was trying to bring forward were not respected and for that reason i dropped out of plan. as i know planning is involving more than just the citizens' process. it involves the planning department, the board of supervisors and ultimately the mayor. we are are participating now in bringing issues that we felt marginalized wringing d bringing up earlier. where could that have been? not blaming anyone, if you read the eir, you will find it was based on faulty data regarding nightlife and nightlife communities. and we think that based on those errors conclusions were made in the plan that moved forward that now with a few minor modifications can be adjusted, affect very little and improve the plan for the overall neighborhood. thank you. >> thank you, mr. allen. >> good afternoon supervisor, henry carnalo. i was on the western soma planning task force since
Mar 4, 2013 4:00pm PST
. jim lazarus, san francisco chamber of commerce. ~ i also had the privilege of chairing the transbay transit center cac. i strongly urge the board of supervisors and the city's representatives on both bodies, both the joint powers authority for the transbay transit center and the caltrain, joint powers authority, to take a strong position in favor of opening up real alternatives to surface use of seventh and king. this, the caltrain electrification and the extension to first and mission must be primary goals of the city and county of san francisco. other options are really not acceptable. we need an electrified system to downtown. we need the fund with federal partners, with state, with prop 1a california high-speed rail funding and our own funding available through the transbay transit center project that tunnel project as soon as possible. one of my great disappointments that i think we're going to be all confronting when that transit center opens is a 400 million dollars rail box in the basement unused for years and years after we open a $1.5 billion bus station. ~ our goal should
Mar 4, 2013 8:30pm PST
happen in the next year. thank you very much. >> thank you. mr. hoff >>> supervisors, i'm jim haft. i was involved in this five or six years ago. i was involved in getting the money for the planning department to study the fourth and king property which was not used until recently. and now we are getting the benefit of that. i want to make a comment. when this matter was brought into the public in january and handled by the media, it got mangled and it got characterized, particularly the removal of a portion of the freeway and the development of the yards is strictly a real estate play. if you read from the comments that were made on the internet about it, people suggested thises was another scheme by the mayor to build things in san francisco. i thank you for holding this hearing because i think it puts it in the right perspective. the driving issue here is transportation and how we can approve the regional transportation system. and as those of us who have gotten deep into this know that it would be -- there's the issue of the tunnel and how where the train goes underground and h
Mar 9, 2013 8:00am EST
emerged from the ashes of slavery and jim crow. a system of mass incarceration that no doubt has dr. king turning in his grave today. the mass incarceration of poor people of color in the united states is tantamount to a new caste-like system, one that shuttles our young people from decrepit, underfunded schools to brand new high-tech prisons. it is a system that blocks poor people, overwhelmingly poor people of color, into a permanent second class status nearly as effectively as earlier systems of racial and social control once did. it is, in my view, the moral equivalent of jim crow. >> get ready, booktv's first online book club meets at the end of the month. watch video of michelle alexander at and read "the new jim crow." and then on tuesday, march 26th at 9 p.m. eastern, join us live online at twitter and facebook with your questions and comments on "the new jim crow." >> and now, karen elliot house provides an inside look at the history, culture and politics of saudi arabia which she's covered for 30 years. this is about an hour. >> thank you very much, dr. wilburn. it's
Mar 6, 2013 8:00am PST
, but jim cantore is sticking around. >>> plus a big moment for gun control. senator chris murphy weighing in on this new bipartisan plan. >>> but first today's producer pick brought to us by tammy xwloom. take a look at this, a russian war vet reported missing in action while fighting in afghanistan was just found 33 years later. the 20-year-old soldier now in his 50s still living in afghanistan. you can check out this fascinating story on my facebook page. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. blast of cold feels nice. why don't you use bengay zero degrees? it's the one you store in the freezer. same medicated pain reliever used by physica
Mar 2, 2013 4:00am PST
correspondent jim acosta is at the white house. jim, this isn't over yet, is it? >> it's not over yet. it's never over these budget crises here in washington or so it seems victor and brianna. that's right, at about 8:30 last night, the president signed this order initiating these automatic budget cuts. they went into effect last night. they're going to be going into effect over the next several months as we've all been hearing. and if you look at the letter that the office of management and budget sent over to the house of representatives and the senate last night, it goes through a very long list of deep cuts to federal programs across the board from the defense department to nondefense domestic programs, and just how deep are these cuts? well, according to this omb letter, because these $85 billion in cuts have to be compressed into a timetable of just seven months that 13% of many defense programs will be reduced as a result of this notice and 9% of domestic programs. now, the president says that there's still time to work all of this out. he'd still like to cut a deal with congress.
Mar 9, 2013 4:00am PST
reverse the positive trend. cnn's national political correspondent jim acosta is at the white house. jim? >> reporter: brianna and victor, after the positive jobs numbers, white house officials have a spring in their step, but they are well aware there are plenty of obstacles that still exist that could trip up this recovery. after the latest jobs report found the nation's unemployment rate had dipped to levels not seen since before president obama took office, the white house wanted to know one thing, where were all the questions about the good news? >> i suspected the jobs numbers had been different, it would have taken less than four people for me to ask about them. that's the nature of our work here. >> the obama administration warns don't get too excited. this report does not account for the automatic budget cuts that just took effect. >> democrats and republicans agree that the sequester will have a negative impact on job creation. >> reporter: which makes the latest outreach to republicans all the more important. it coincided with a secret dinner they had with bill and hillary cli
Mar 7, 2013 1:40am PST
areas hit by hurricane sandy. >> and another storm bringing more snow. meteorologist jim dickey continues our coverage in accuweather. good morning, jim. >> good morning. still tracking our storm system here. it's moved offshore but not going to push out to sea. we're seeing more blues and pinks mixing in. this indicating a slushy mix falling in many cases. new york city up through boston, a slushy coating to an inch piling up in these morning hours. and this isn't done yet. this storm system is now interacting with an upper low being drawn out of southern ontario. that will keep snow in place, especially in southern new england as we get through the day. with strong, gusty winds, beach erosion ongoing here. initial snowfall here, looking for a wide area of 3 to 6 inches, a few spots 6 to 9, that includes worcester, massachusetts. john and diana, back to you. >> thanks, jim. here's the rest of your thursday forecast. a chilly morning for most of florida. spring-like from dallas to denver. showers in the pacific northwest. rain from san francisco to san diego. and half a foot of
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